The Team


Tracy joined Intake Vets in 2003. We had all worked together at another Hexham practice where Tracy had been for 18 years, so coming to work at Intake Vets was a fairly easy transition. Over the last few years, Tracy has become utterly indispensable to the practice.

She is in the office from 9:30am to about 2:00pm each weekday and pretty much does everything – although she does balk at tidying up after David and struggles to work when Nick is in the office making lots of noisy distractions.

After 24 years working with vets, she knows all about keeping vets under control and trying to create a calm, efficient atmosphere despite the vets’ (and clients’) best efforts at creating chaos. Tracy is our swan – graceful and serene on the surface, but paddling furiously underneath to keep things afloat!

The Team