About Us

and the team


Why should you choose us?

We are a 3 vet practice dealing solely with large animal work. As such we have more direct experience than those vets who have to deal with all species. As a small practice, we aim to provide a more personal service with vets available directly through their mobile phones, rather than a centralised office.

The Team

Nick Freeman

Director / Vet

Nick is responsible for the equine side of the practice. His day to day work consists of looking after the practice's horses.

phone 07764 826 668


David J Parkins

Director / Vet

David is in charge of the farm side of the business. He manages the cattle, sheep and alpaca work.

phone 07734 489 598


Euan Laidlaw

Assistant / Vet

Euan is the capable assistant to David and Nick. Competent in farm and equine work, Euan will turn his hand to either.

phone 07500 040 140


Tracy Annan


Tracy keeps the office running and handles our administration.

01434 606033